Best Decoration For Walking Shoes

Best Decoration For Walking Shoes

Our shoes represent our style and personality and that’s the reason why every girl search for best walking shoes for women online. When we care about our buying decision so much, it’s also not a bad idea to customize them according to our taste. Previously, we had to depend only upon the shoe designs created by the manufacturing company, but now we have limitless options to decorate them with pieces that suit our fancy. For example, you can get that super cool rock, punk style looks by customizing your walking shoes with studs.

You can also add Swarovski crystals to make them look elegant. Not to forget those shoe charms that add a playful look to the walking shoes. Well, if you also want to make your shoe bling, this piece of content will provide you some helpful tips and tricks.

How to make your walking shoes more fun and elegant by using decorations?

  • Rhinestone gems and crystals: When you decide to rhinestone your shoe, first you need to identify the proper rhinestone size. You can find these stones and crystals online in various sizes, so you need to know the desired size before you buy them. Next, you must plan the area to be covered, for example, whether you want to cover your entire shoe with rhinestones or you just want them along the seams or the edge of the brim. Therefore, you must decide the size and shoe area to ensure that everything looks clean and nice at the end.
  • Studs: Studs take your personality in a different direction. It transforms your look from boring to rocking, and therefore these are the perfect addition to your shoes. You can place these studs on to your walking shoes by using adhesive or just pinning them up. Once you decide to stud your shoe, pick the size and color. There are plenty of variants available online so you should know your look and requirements beforehand. Mark your walking shoes for studying and place them in a row rather than randomly as it looks more professional.
  • Charms or buttons: Charms add a fun factor to your shoes. The charms in the form of cartoon characters, moon, stars, flowers and other characters seem exciting. The use of charms is an ideal choice to brighten up your shoes. You can also cover charms with black acrylic paint to give them a vintage look. After applying paint, wipe the surface with a moist cloth to remove paint from the high areas. This will give your shoes an antique look. The lovely dark finish in the crevices will add depth to the charm and to your shoe. Apply charms and make your shoes best walking shoes for women in the world.
  • Stickers: Make your shoes perfect and classy by applying rhinestone stickers. You can find self-adhesive, no need for glue stickers online at extremely affordable prices. Since these are temporary, you can remove them easily, anytime. These stickers can be put on the soles of the shoes and come in adorable prints like stripes, polka dots, leopard and zebra prints. There are casual stickers available too with punchy graphics that transform your plain walking shoes into something that flaunts your personal style.
  • Shoe clips: Shoe clips are detachable decorations that give some extra glamour and elegance to plain footwear. From casual ribbon designs to formal pieces, you can find numerous shoe clips online at nominal prices. It takes just a few seconds to add shoe clips. You can clip them onto the shoelaces of a pair of your walking shoes to personalize them. Revive, restyle and reinvent your shoes with shoe accessories like clips.

How to apply rhinestones or crystals on shoes?

Follow the below steps to apply rhinestones or crystals on shoes:

  • Get all the supplies together such as rhinestones, crystals, glue, shoes, a toothpick, and a drop cloth or newspaper which acts as a surface to work on.
  • Clean your shoes so that the glue adheres properly.
  • Using the toothpick, apply a small dab of glue to the back of the rhinestone. Don’t add too much glue otherwise, it will seep out and be visible on the shoe. You can remove excess glue with a cloth depending on how small the rhinestones or crystals are.
  • Once you’ve applied the rhinestones and crystals in the style desired, let the glue dry.

Decorations are great accents for shoes

The shiny, glittering shoe decorations and accessories make them look vibrant, new and trendy. These decorative materials let you design your shoes the way you want. It doesn’t matter how old your walking shoes are, if you know how to fix them by using these accessories effectively, you can jazz them up. So, get your decorations and make your shoes more beautiful.

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