Gaining a good health and benefit by running or walking

Gaining a good health and benefit by running or walking

Running or walking is the importance of exercise cannot be stressed enough. Modern living is becoming increasingly sedentary, due to the nature of work and our increased dependence on appliances that have made life ‘easy’. While everyone may not be able to afford to join gyms where the membership fees are usually high, running is definitely doable – it is free, and you can run anywhere and at any time! If you can get a couple of your friends or your partner, or any family member to run with you, it will also be fun; you won’t even realize that you’re actually exercising.

Benefit from running or walking in details:

From a medical viewpoint, there are several benefits to running. It is a low impact and gentle exercise that people of any age and size can safely do. Running makes your heart stronger by lowering the ‘bad’ or LDL cholesterol, thus decreasing the threat of heart disease, which is all too common nowadays. It also helps control blood pressure – another scourge of modern living. Stressful living increases blood pressure, and we know that persistently high blood pressure can prove to be very dangerous. It can also help prevent the onset of diabetes, asthma, and certain cancers.

If you go for a short run after your meals, especially if you have had a rich or heavy meal, you will find your glycemic levels stabilizing. Yes, running after eating helps keep your blood sugar levels in check. Running also increases the intake of oxygen into the body that is again great for your health. To get the good health from running, how much should you run, and how should you run? Well, the answer may be varying person to person, but broadly speaking, 30 minutes every day should do the trick. And yes, the faster your pace, the better; you will get a good cardio-vascular workout only if you have a ‘brisk’ run.

Needless to say, running will help you lose weight and keep it off; in fact, it’s one of the best exercises that overweight people can do without endangering themselves or straining their muscles. The aesthetic benefit from running is that you can really tone your leg muscles, especially thighs and calves, and your stomach, arms, and buttocks with regular running. Arms because to work up a good speed, you really need to get those arms swinging! You will find that even your shoulders and upper back are getting slightly toned after a few weeks of daily brisk runs. You don’t need to buy fancy equipment or do ‘trending’ exercise routines to get that sculpted look you always craved.

Running with your dear ones is also good for your mental health. As you grow older especially, it helps to have an exercise partner with whom you can have good conversations.  Discuss what is happening in the world, or just share how your day was – you would be surprised to know how good that can make you feel! You will also find that you are almost always in a good mood. Exercise releases feel-good hormones in your body, and all semblances of lethargy, sluggishness, and sadness will just vanish when you run regularly. You will find yourself more energetic and enthusiastic about facing the day.

Apart from these very visible benefits, running offers some surprising advantages. Did you know that regular running can help improve your cognitive control and functions? Students, adults and senior alike, get this benefit. Running helps improve memory, creativity, and logic. Now you may wonder what the connection is. Well, it seems that running also has health benefits for the brain, and increases the grey matter – no wonder that the great philosopher Aristotle, was in the habit of running when he used to teach his students! So you see that in addition to physical health, you also get mental health from running regularly.

It is also probably because generally we run outdoors and spending time with Nature will definitely have a positive impact, as will running with close friend/s.  If you are unable to find anyone who is interested in going running with you every day, you could join a running group. Again, it won’t cost you anything. The added advantage here is that you can meet more people, have interesting social interactions, and perhaps even make new friends! Wouldn’t that be just great?

In conclusion for this discussion:

Ok, so what about when the weather is not so great – it’s too hot, or cold – what do we do then? Ah, in such a case, there are always malls! If you’re not up to it, just running up and down inside your house will also serve the purpose. To get maximum health from running, make sure you have the right kind of footwear – that provides ample support and cushioning when you run for a prolonged time. Well, now that you know how good running is for you, what are you waiting for? Put on the best running shoes for men (if you are a man), and get going.

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