How to choose the comfortable walking shoes for your feet?

How to choose the comfortable walking shoes for your feet?

The comfortable walking shoes for Men must be two things, comfortable and Stylish. It’s important to know exactly which type of shoe your feet need so you can get the most comfortable fit.

They are designed basically, to provide extra comfort to sensitive soles and heels. Walking Shoes are specially designed for various types of feet, opting for the wrong type may cause head, knees, feet, shins and hip injuries. It is of utmost importance to wear a walking shoe i.e. sneaker that provides the appropriate cushioning and flexibility that your feet require. Another factor that holds much importance is the kind of Arch your feet has, whether it is normally arched, flat or higher than usual, also the level of pronation your feet has, is it normal, over or under. Keeping all these criterions in mind enables you to go for the best walking shoes for your feet and get maximum comfort and minimizes injury risk.

The body of searching for comfortable walking shoes for men

If you want to have a practical solution or demonstration of what shoe to choose, all you will require is a piece of colored paper, a brown paper bag or some hard surface like cardboard. All you need to do is to get one foot little bit wet and stand upright on the paper surface, you will get your foot imprint, now all you have to do is to look closely at it.

Now let’s define which category your foot falls into:

Normal and the most common Type of feet:

Your foot imprint will give a thorough glimpse of your shoe shape and size; you will also notice a large band on the outward side of your foot imprint, which will connect the ball of your foot to your heel. This clearly suggests that you have a normal sized arch and the most common foot type. This is also known as a normal pronator, this also means that your foot collapses slightly inward to help you absorb the shock and relaxes feet muscles. Although you could go for any shoe, whilst wearing it you would require some sort of firmness and steadiness, to provide support for the arch. The more steadfast and stable the shoe is the more flexible it is.

best comfortable walking shoes for flat feet

Flat – If you can configure the whole imprint of your foot, it implies that you are on a low arch or flat feet. This type of thing is common for people who weigh over 165 pounds, it is also called overpronator, this causes your feet to roll extremely inward once they land on a smooth surface, and this may cause discomfort and pain in your knees and shins. This pattern suggests that you require the kind of walking shoe that provides: support, strength, care, and sustenance. Stability or motion control shoe depends on the extent of overpronation.

flat feet

Extremely High Arched Feet – If your foot imprint shows a thin band, on the exterior of your foot which outwardly connects your ball to your heel, which proves that you have high arches, and it is a rare and least common foot type. 

Moreover, if, you’re a supinator or under-pronator, it means that your feet slightly tend to roll outward as they land and you may, in turn, have issues with your knees, in case if you don’t wear the most suitable shoes to help with this concern.

The wear pattern on your shoes can help you determine how much you really pronate whilst walking. Pronation means how much your feet roll, either inward or outward as they strike the ground.

It’s normal for the outside border of the heel to have some wear.  Shoes recommended are the neutral-cushioned shoe, maximum flexibility.

The conclusion of this reaching

Having the most comfortable walking shoes for men is of utmost significance for everyone as the comfort of your feet relies on it. The first step to finding the best pair of walking shoes, for your feet is to find out what your foot type is.

It is highly recommended to take all the above-mentioned steps, into consideration before opting for the shoe design, it is also advisable to look at a customized list of walking shoes for men, that will fit your feet perfectly.

The seemingly visible wear pattern on your shoes can help you decide how much you pronate when walking. pronation is to take a closer look at the shoes you’ve been walking in.

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