Keeping feet in warm and good health

Keeping feet in warm and good health
    Keeping feet in warm waterKeeping feet in warm water

Keeping feet in warm and good health are very important. Why do I want to say that it is important, and may be very important? Feet are the important parts compared with others in our body. We can move from this place other places, all are depended by feet. We can walk, run, jump… feet resolve all those things. May the obligation of feet is walking, running, moving from this place to other places? Not exactly as we think.

Besides some missions are given above, the most important mission of feet is lifting the weight of your body day after day. There are 24 hours in a day, except for sitting time, sleeping time… our feet must lift our body at 12 hours for a day, but no claiming. If we have a thin or fit body, this is great for our feet, otherwise, if we have an overweight body, what will think about this? Maybe nothing, but it is lamentable to our feet, isn’t it?

The advantages of keeping feet in warm and good health:

Many peoples say that keeping the body in warm is enough. Actually, saving feet in warm and good health is very important. Why do I want to emphasize?

When you have feet warm and healthy, you will have peaceful sleep.

With the warm feet, blood will move from this part to others of your body easily, and regularly. It makes you feel be better when you wake up in the morning.

Warm and healthy feet will make you not to feel numbness, tired from the weather changed, rain season, cold season…

Keeping feet in warm and good health, it means that you are taking care of your feet. When you have strong feet, you can move better, do a lot of things and you can feel that there are some things changing your life.

Simple ways make feet in warm:

In your opinions, how to keep your feet warm and healthy? Actually, there are a lot of ways. Here are some ways that many persons are using, including me:

Choosing the best shoes to wear when you go out in the cold weather, at raining time…

Before going to bed, you should massage your from knee to over the soles. This will make your feet to be warmer, blood can move over the body easily.

Dipping your feet into the warm water around 15-20 minutes, then take them out and clean them to be dry, continue massaging about 5 minutes.

Wearing trousers over your soles

And the best most important thing is that you must wear socks for your feet. The socks can be made from wool, cotton or nylon. I suggest that you should wear wool socks, they keep your feet warmer.

So, where do you all find them? Of course, to have the loved socks for your feet, you can buy them at the local market, online store or you can find and buy them at any online shops

Feet must be kept in warm condition:

After all, your feet play an important role in your life, so you must keep your feet in warm when the weather changes in the cold. If you have the strong feet, that means you a perfect life. Don’t waste time and money to take care of your feet better day by day, because “Brain is King, Foot is Queen”. Keeping it in mind!

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